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At odds with the scorching summer weather over my head, things got dark and heavy in July’s ModerateRock Recommends Spotify playlist. American gloom, French hardcore, and Irish sludge all helped to lower the tone. There was some light in the darkness though- Strawberry Girls gave tribute to George Michael, and that Soft Science track has been on my mind all […]

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June’s ModerateRock Recommends playlist runs (ran?) from glitchy electronica to hyperactive hardcore to post-rock noodling. Variety is the spice of life and all that! I hope you find something to love. ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER- ‘Warning’ I AM WAITING FOR YOU LAST SUMMER- ‘Better Days’ 1099- ‘Tundra’ ETERNITY FOREVER- ‘Fantasy’ EL TEN ELEVEN- ‘Phenomenal Problems’ THE GET UP KIDS- ‘Maybe’ CULTURE […]

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This month’s Spotify playlist was brought to you by burnt-Earth hardcore, upbeat post-rock, ambient sounds (light, and oh so dark), Lando Calrissian, and… is that the guitarist from Limp Bizkit!? I hope you find something to love. LIMBS- ‘Father’s Son’ BAPTISTS- ‘Beacon of Faith’ GROUP OF MAN- ‘Can’t Hack the Straight Life’ ANTIGUO- ‘Black Glitter’ TAKE ONE CAR- ‘White Flag’ […]

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There was lots going on in April’s Spotify playlist– US hardcore, Canadian punk, Swedish screaming, and British bleeps and bloops. Every note floats my boat and it was all arranged to ebb and flow like a proper mixtape but does the wide variety seem a little schizophrenic? Does it limit the playlist’s appeal? Is all this only for me? Not […]

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March’s Spotify playlist was a monster. It started heavy with the like of Will Haven (who just released their best record in almost 20 years), Yards (featuring former Ghost of a Thousand frontman Tom Lacey), and Rolo Tomassi (who might have snatched album of the year honours already) before moving on to include punk rock old and new, post-hardcore from […]

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