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June, already. That’s a bit mad, right? Maybe it always feels a bit mad and I just block it out every summer. They say the days are long and the years are fast, or something like that. But you know what makes everything seem just about manageable, what makes everything slow down. Of course you do. It’s the music, man. […]

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Spring has sprung. The sun shines, the flowers bloom, the birds and the bees do their thing. Life, uh, finds a way, or whatever. But even as nature emerges from hibernation, Moderate Rock, you might have noticed, has slowed down to almost a stop. It’s not permanent, it never is, but things might be quiet around here for a couple […]

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December is supposed to be a quiet time for the music industry but this month’s mixtape was the longest in ages. And there’s no hangers-on here either, I love all of them. And if you’re thinking the mix is maybe too long, trust me, the amount of tracks grabbing my attention could be downright inconvenient at times- although I had […]

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This month’s mixtape was a (relatively) long one, but I couldn’t help myself- there was so much music I wanted to shout about. And, from pioneering elder statesmen of rock to one of my favourite brand new bands, from skittering electronica to Scottish shoegaze, I hope you find something to love. SLEEP KEEPER– ‘Paper Knife’ SUNSTINGER- ‘Only in the Morning’ […]

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From UK punk rock to Dutch indie pop, from a possibly maybe supergroup to a certain album of the year contender, I hope you find something to love. L.S. DUNES- ‘Permanent Rebellion’NARROW HEAD- ’T.W.I.N.’QUICKSAND- ‘Giving the Past Away’AS LOUD AS A MOUSE- ‘Reptiles’TINY BLUE GHOST– ‘The Blacktop’EERIE WANDA- ‘Nightwalk’KATHRYN JOSEPH- ‘How Well You Are’PHANTOM HANDSHAKES- ‘The Flowery Man’PARANOID VOID- ‘Nowhere’A […]

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I hope you find something to love. WAYS AWAY- ‘Nevermind the Dog’ PILOT TO GUNNER– ‘A Billion Milligrams’ STAND STILL- ‘Loose Ends’ HEAVY SLEEPER- ‘Drain’ JUPITER HEARTS- ‘We Know’ NO DEVOTION– ‘Starlings’ HEALING POTPOURRI- ‘Fireworks’ THE ALBUM LEAF- ‘MD2’ A VOID- ‘5102’ MODERN RITUALS- ‘Wastrel’ DINO GALA- ‘British’ HER HEAD’S ON FIRE- ‘Rising Tide’ CALM COLLAPSE– ‘Positive Greed’ TWIN DRUGS- […]

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