This month’s mixtape is a doozy. November is traditionally a quiet month for new releases, the start of the music industry’s winter hibernation, but a ton of great stuff has come out this month, and it feels like there’s still more to come. Makes sense, this isn’t really a ‘traditional’ kind of year.

I hope you find something to love.

  • MASCARA– ‘Reach’
  • OUTSIDE- ‘Green in You’
  • CRASH THE CALM– ‘Devils’
  • GRAVITY LOCK- ‘It Comes in Waves’
  • NOTHING- ‘Just a Story’
  • MY OCTOPUS MIND- ‘Wandering Eye’
  • SANDLOTKIDS- ‘Loner’
  • PIXIES- ‘Hear Me Out’
  • JEAN DAWSON- ‘Starface*’
  • DEB NEVER- ‘Out of Time’
  • WRAY- ‘Jogging’
  • JOAN OF ARC- ‘Karma Repair Kit’
  • THE ANTLERS- ‘It Is What It Is’
  • ALL PARTIAL- ‘Poisoned Heart’
  • BLACK FOXXES- ‘Swim’
  • BLACK TO COMM– ‘Gepackte Zeit (fur Hanna Darboven)’
  • BRAMBLES- ‘Mists Inhabit This Place’
  • MOGWAI- ‘Dry Fantasy’
  • JESU– ‘Alone’
  • DEFTONES– ‘Knife Party (Purity Ring Remix)’

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