Worst. Year. Ever.

I cannot wait to go back to years feeling relatively anonymous. I long to have to Google when things happened. I’ll never forget 2020 but damn, I would love to.

It’s not all bad. Luckily, a metric ton of great music was released, or finally made its way across my speakers, this month. There’s new Tricot, maybe the best song they’ve ever done, new Lost Ground, maybe the last song they’ll ever do, and a new Deftones track, another stellar effort from maybe my favourite band still touring and recording. I hope I never forget the excitement of hearing one of their songs for the first time, no matter what year it is.

I hope you find something to love, too.

  • DEVONTE HYNES- ‘Slim’s Haircut’
  • TRICOT- ‘おまえ’
  • LOST GROUND- Grabber’
  • TALL TALKER– ‘River Hands’
  • LO TOM- ‘Overboard’
  • KENNYHOOPLA- ‘How Will I Rest in Peace If I’m Buried by a Highway?’
  • ONLY SIBLING– ‘Native’
  • JUST LIKE HEAVEN– ‘Drugstore Guile’
  • SWEAM- ‘Planes’
  • COMMON SAGE- ‘Wraparound Background’
  • IDLE THREAT- ‘Empty House’
  • FAKE EYES- ‘It Will Appear as Such’
  • DEFTONES– ‘Ohms’
  • CIRCUS TREES- ‘Wasted Air’
  • LOWFAITH- ‘Holy Hell’
  • OTHER HALF- ‘Tiny Head’
  • DIVISION OF LAURA LEE- ‘Apartment’
  • SWEET WILLIAMS- ‘Stop It I’m Killing You’
  • TOUCHE AMORE- ‘Limelight’
  • VIVA BELGRADO- ‘Bellavista’
  • TENACE- ‘Tout restera’
  • FALL OF MESSIAH- ‘Contreforts’
  • IN PARALLEL– ‘Deep Dark’
  • POISONOUS BIRDS– ‘True Colour’
  • SCHOOL OF X- ‘Where Do I Start’
  • GOOOOOSE- ‘Plasma Sunrise’
  • RIVAL CONSOLES- ‘Still Here’

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