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I hope you find something to love. Love is important. BARONESS- BorderlinesLAGS– Knives and WoundsBRUTUS- BlindIDIOT PILOT- Silver NeedleWESTKRUST- DriveNANAMI OZONE- 3 Mile DriveHORSEFLIES- DenialPILE- Bruxist GrinSUGAR HORSE- Your Degree Is Worthless…SAUDADE- Shadows & LightMICHAEL ABELS- I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix)THE PRODIGY- Beyond the DeathrayWORRIEDABOUTSATAN- Dig Into Your MemoryALASKAN TAPES- On Deer IslandDANIEL THORNE- From the Other Side […]

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A little indulgence is good for the soul. Patience and control have their place, sure, but sometimes it’s good to go hard and cut loose, right? Hair Puller live by this impulse. The Portland trio mix screwface hard rock riffs with raw adrenaline and a ton of fun sludge without ever stopping to think if they should. Their debut album, […]

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Listen to RED HARE

There’s some history here. Red Hare feature current and former members of Bluetip, Retisonic, Dag Nasty, Swiz, and Sweetbelly Freakdown among their ranks. If you’re familiar with their past output then Red Hare won’t come as much of a surprise, except maybe to hear how urgent these elder statesmen still sound. The unacquainted should prepare for some fast, furious rock-punk […]

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I mean, obviously. Always listen to worriedaboutsatan. Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale have been exploring uniquely organic electronica for over a decade now, never really putting a foot wrong, and if you haven’t been listening to them this whole time already, you’ve missed out. This reminder is timely though, as both halves of the Yorkshire outfit have new solo material […]

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It seems Spanish Love Songs have been around a while now but somehow the LA-based outfit and I have never crossed paths until tonight- me up too late for a workday, knowing that going to sleep means waking up, and them blasting through ‘Schmaltz’, a wordy and wonderful collection of anthemic indie and killer punk rock. The adrenaline and melodies […]

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Screamo might be one of the silliest genre names with a definition now distorted beyond all recognition but the original scene’s sound consistently produces some of the most earnest, honest, compelling music. Ruined Families, a four piece from Athens, Greece, are another fine, fiery example. Their 2016 full-length, ‘education’, is brilliantly chaotic at times, furiously focused at others, and essential […]

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