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From chilling neo-classical to firebreathing hardcore, shimmering indie melodies to whatever the new Emptyset noise is properly classified as, I hope you find something to love. KEATON HENSON- Trauma/In ChaoSTORM(O)- TremaTHE WARRIORS- Death RitualRENOUNCED- Beauty Is a Destructive AngelCOLORED MOTH– Cognitive BlissPOST/BOREDOM- Limb AlertGIANTS CHAIR- Dirty WinterNIGHT SWIMMING- CleanQUIET LIONS- Arc of the HorizonWARM RED- Big TigerFOALS- 10,000 FeetBODYWASH- With […]

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Listen to LAKES

Lakes might have chosen an unremarkable yet oft-used moniker but it’s pretty much the only foot the Watford six-piece have put wrong since forming in 2017. Their debut full-length, each track named after a lake, natch, is polished emo for fans of TTNG, Owen, and Into It, Over It. Glockenspiel!

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Listen to KOTA KOTA

One-man studio-based post-rock passion-projects tend to power-surge my love-buzz. Kota Kota, the chosen moniker of Leeds-based artists Michael Holmes, is no exception. His debut album is a bass-heavy, propulsively-paced many-textured journey for fans of late Maybeshewill, early 65daysofstatic, and dreams of flying.

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I hope you find something to love. BON IVER– JelmoreBORN GOLD- Lawn KnivesBATS- Old HitlerOUT OF BODY– Leaping FaithSIGNALS MIDWEST- Sanctuary CitySOMOS- AmmunitionPINE- MaladroitGAFFA TAPE SANDY- So DryWILD PINK- How’s the Tap HereJOYERO– Salt MineEL TEN ELEVEN- A Watched PotINFINITY SHRED- EarthTOOL- Faaip de OiadTENGIL- The New 27GLASSING- SleeperPORTRAYAL OF GUILT- Moral DecayBRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL- SlitherRUSSIAN CIRCLES- MilanoPSOTY- Oil Blood

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Listen to JOYERO

Even if you’re not familiar with Andy Stack’s name, there’s a chance you’ll know his work. He has spent the last decade as one half of indie-folk duo Wye Oak, toured with members of The National, performed with Lambchop and Shearwater and more, and composed music for film and television. Now though, he has struck out on his own as […]

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