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Listen to GLEAN

Glean are a hardcore band… I think. It’s hard to tell these days. And I mean that in the best possible way. Sure, they play stomping, punk rock riffs under some intense, barked vocals but they incorporate 90s alt-rock influences too. That’s not necessarily a unique addition, but there’s also shoegaze in the mix, and first wave emo and British […]

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TIMELOST share a new song

Timelost have shared a new song, entitled ‘Lifer Death’. This is the first taste of the grungegaze duo’s next record, a follow-up to February’s ‘Gushing Interest’. It’s a brilliant track, showcasing the band’s knack for an atmospheric but memorable melody, but it’s also one graced by the presence of an alt-rock great.  In the band’s own words, “We saw that […]

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Listen to BLEED

Narrow Head’s last album was… a downer. Now though, some erstwhile members of that Texas outfit (alongside others from Garden of Mary) seem ready to write music with a glint in its eye again. As Bleed, they play a familiar, fuzzy kind of post-hardcore but (and this is key) instead of ever sounding like they’re gazing at their shoes, the […]

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Listen to KALI MASI

I don’t like punk.  Ok, so there are punk bands that I love. There are punk shows that are in my top 10 gigs of all time even. But as a very general rule, I don’t like punk. I don’t know if it’s the speed or the sneer or the storytelling, but it’s just never been a genre that sucks me […]

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