This mixtape zings, man. Maybe zings is the wrong word. There’s some pretty slow mo downer jams in there. It just feels like one of those mixtapes that really works, that sticks together, that ebbs and flows in the right way. I loved making it all through this month and I hope you love hearing it.

I really do hope you find something to love.

  • DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979- ‘One + One’
  • BAD PROGRESS- ‘Moving Reckless’
  • NAZCA LINES- ‘New Volume’
  • UNWED SAILOR- ‘Blitz’
  • WILD PINK- ‘Family Friends’
  • CULT OF LUNA– ‘Inside of a Dream’
  • HAYLEY WILLIAMS- ‘Descanos’
  • BLAIR- ‘On and Off’
  • AMERICAN POETRY CLUB- ‘Thank You x3’
  • YUNG- ‘Above Water’
  • DOUSED- ‘Strawberry Blonde’
  • BAD VISUALS- ‘Closing Doors’
  • POLY-MATH- ‘I Will Fall Against You’
  • A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN- ‘Total Perspective Vortex’
  • BLANCK MASS- ‘Phase I’

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