I’m pretty numb at this point. I know there’s a lot going on, like, a metric ton of shit for everyone to deal with, but I’m pretty burned out here. I recognise that it’s head-in-the-sand stuff but if I can stay in front of my computer with my headphones on, I’m going to do it. Maybe things will be better next month, maybe not.

Luckily there’s some reassuringly great music coming through the wires- the underwater emo of Lora Cult, the welcome return of Nothing, an album of the year contender from one of the best to ever do it, and loads more.

I hope you find something to love.

  • TOPIARY CREATURES– ‘Moving Target’
  • CHOIR VANDALS- ‘Not Listening’
  • LORA CULT- ‘Driiip’
  • APART– ‘Flooded’
  • THUNDER DREAMER- ‘House and Garden’
  • LOMELDA- ‘Kisses’
  • NORDMANN- ‘Maine Cocoon’
  • BLACK TO COMM- ‘Stolen Androgens’
  • ENDLING- ‘Holidaymakers’
  • AS A SKETCH PAD- ‘Private Message’
  • THE APPLESEED CAST- ‘Time the Destroyer’
  • BARELY CIVIL- ‘The Worst Part of December’
  • TEENAGE WRIST- ‘Silverspoon’
  • NEWMOON- ‘Give Me Pain’
  • NOTHING- ‘Say Less’
  • WAX CHATTELS- ‘Efficiency’
  • USA NAILS– ‘I Don’t Own Anything’
  • ’68- ‘Nervous Passenger’
  • SANS VISAGE– ‘Desperation’
  • DEFTONES– ‘Error’
  • AS REAL- ‘Undid’
  • CLOUDKICKER– ‘Code Language’
  • I HEAR SIRENS- ‘Oblivion’
  • THREESTEPSTOTHEOCEAN– ‘Notte in Pieno Giorno’
  • BOUND- ‘The Bellows’
  • T E MORRIS & JO QUAIL– ‘2164 (Death Is Progress)’

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