We’re well into the busiest time of the year for new album releases now. And this month’s playlist reflected that, as it grew from four songs on the first of the month to 26 by the end. There’s Californian punk, post-hardcore from Japan, ambient soundscapes from Kenya, and more.

I hope you find something to love.

  • STRANGELIGHT– ‘Digressions from Sierra Leone’
  • TRVSS- ‘Scale Model Citizen in a Scale Model Town’
  • WE CARRIED THE BOAT– ‘Canned Peaches’
  • PLANS- ‘Do You Feel Anything’
  • DEATH BELLS- ‘Heavenly Bodies’
  • PICNICS- ‘Su2f’
  • EMBRACER- ‘Moon Chamber’
  • WILD PINK- ‘The Shining but Tropical’
  • THE NIGHTMARES– ‘Give Up the Hoax’
  • JULIEN BAKER- ‘Faith Healer’
  • POOL HOLOGRAPH- ‘Figure and Ground’
  • MAGGIE GENTLY- ‘Where My Time Went’
  • SHY CURVES- ‘Juniper’
  • KEATON HENSON– ‘Prayer’
  • KMRU- ‘Change of Degree’
  • MARY LATTIMORE- ‘Chop on the Climbout’
  • NORTH AMERICANS- ‘Memory of Lunch’
  • CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL– ‘Summer ’16 (Remix)’
  • FOG LAKE- Slipping’
  • NO THANK YOU- ‘Embroidered Foliage’
  • ENTROPY- ‘February 20, 1974’
  • JESU- ‘When I Was Small’
  • OLIVER COATES- ‘Caregiver part 4 (Spirit)’
  • BOLT RUIN- ‘Disperish’
  • EMMA RUTH RUNDLE & THOU- ‘The Valley’
  • FILTER THEORY- ‘The Darkness Where the Future Was’

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