I love this part. The part where that Parannoul album finally gets added to your streaming service of choice. The return of the likes of Lakes and Bossk and, oh man, the part where Trent Reznor is singing again. The part where a member of one of heaviest bands I’ve ever seen writes one of the most quiet and personal albums of the year. The part where cases of a deadly virus are dropping every day and something like normal is on the horizon.

I hope you find something to love.

  • FIDDLEHEAD- ‘Down University’
  • JIM WARD- ‘I Got a Secret (Feat. Shawna Potter)’
  • MISGIVINGS- ‘Sober Forever’
  • PARANNOUL- ‘Analog Sentimentalism’
  • ARM’S LENGTH- ‘Garamond’
  • SUPERBLOOM– ‘Whatever’
  • LAKES- ‘Start Again’
  • SUBMOTILE- ‘Sunflower’
  • BEACHY HEAD- ‘Destroy Us’
  • BLINKER THE STAR- ‘Some Are Lakes’
  • MISS GRIT- ‘Blonde’
  • NO JOY- ‘Teenager’
  • RADIANT HEART- ‘Karaoke’
  • LIFT- ‘L1’
  • HEALTH/NINE INCH NAILS- ‘ Isn’t Everyone’
  • THEY FELL FROM THE SKY- ‘Crush This World’
  • MUSE- ‘Citizen Erased (XX Anniversary RemiXX)’
  • ROMAN LIONS- ‘Small Moments’
  • WHO ARE THE MONSTERS- ‘We Are Damned to Hell’
  • BOSSK– ‘Menhir’

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