Guys. We made it. The worst year ever is in the history books. I’m not necessarily expecting things to improve quickly just because we’ve all had to buy new calendars, but i’ll take slowly and steadily for sure. It can’t get any worse, right? Right!?

This month’s mixtape is shorter than usual but still packed with killer jams. If you want more music to check out, click here to read about my favourite albums of the year. I hope you find something to love.

  • MANDANCING- ‘Kenlock’
  • GOOD THINGS- ‘Teeth (Dive Into Me)’
  • HEATHERSETT- ‘Wick to Handle’
  • LAKES- ‘Pine Barrens’
  • WALDO’S GIFT- ‘The Hut’
  • FOSTER PARENTS- ‘Jacob’s Rest’
  • HOLY FAWN- ‘The Maze’
  • THE GOODBYE PARTY- ‘Trouble’
  • ANOTHER SKY- ‘It Keep Coming’
  • SECRET SHINE- ‘Ember’
  • EVERY TIME I DIE- ‘Desperate Pleasures’
  • CROSSES- ‘The Beginning of the End’

So long 2020, you no good bastard.

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