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TIMELOST share a new song

Timelost have shared a new song, entitled ‘Lifer Death’. This is the first taste of the grungegaze duo’s next record, a follow-up to February’s ‘Gushing Interest’. It’s a brilliant track, showcasing the band’s knack for an atmospheric but memorable melody, but it’s also one graced by the presence of an alt-rock great.  In the band’s own words, “We saw that […]

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TIMELOST- ‘Gushing Interest’

With the secret out- that this side project from erstwhile members of Set and Setting and Woe isn’t destined to possess their same sonic intensity- Timelost lean even further away from the heavy on their second record. They still suit their self-described grungegaze tag, but here ever bigger beams of light break through the clouds. ‘Better Than Bedbugs’ is bolder […]

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TIMELOST- ‘Don’t Remember Me for This’

This will come as a surprise to some. Timelost is a new project from a couple of self-described metalheads- Shane Handal of post-metallers Set and Setting, and Grzesiek Czapla, the drummer of the officially heavy-as-shit Woe. But ‘Don’t Remember Me for This’, their debut album, is 40 minutes of deep and warm shoegaze-tinged grunge. Maybe it’s just my weird brain […]

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