TIMELOST- ‘Gushing Interest’

With the secret out- that this side project from erstwhile members of Set and Setting and Woe isn’t destined to possess their same sonic intensity- Timelost lean even further away from the heavy on their second record. They still suit their self-described grungegaze tag, but here ever bigger beams of light break through the clouds. ‘Better Than Bedbugs’ is bolder and bouncier than anything on their debut, reminiscent of Weezer as much as Hum, ‘Deep End of the Cut’ starts like Deftones but soon satisfyingly simmers down, and ‘Alone, Clean and Slow’ is driving but dreamy. Things do start to feel a little samey as the record rolls on, even though it is only 25 minutes long, so some sharper focus and more vocal variety wouldn’t go amiss in future. Also, ‘Gushing Interest’ is just a horrible title. But still, time with Timelost is time well spent.

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