TIMELOST share a new song

Timelost have shared a new song, entitled ‘Lifer Death’. This is the first taste of the grungegaze duo’s next record, a follow-up to February’s ‘Gushing Interest’. It’s a brilliant track, showcasing the band’s knack for an atmospheric but memorable melody, but it’s also one graced by the presence of an alt-rock great. 

In the band’s own words, “We saw that our friend Kellii Scott of the legendary Failure was taking drum submissions. We had the bones of ‘Lifer Death’ written and thought he would crush the song with his impeccable groove and tasteful rhythms. We weren’t wrong. The song quickly became a favorite of ours and since he recorded the drums at a studio on his own, we figured we should record everything else ourselves and get this song out as soon as possible.” 

Ok, so I don’t know that I could’ve told you that Scott was drumming if no one had said anything, but look, any time you get a member of Failure on your song, it’s an absolute stone cold success.

According to Timelost, “’Lifer Death’ is about the frustrations of being a “lifer” in music, art, whatever. Realizing and accepting that things don’t always work out the way you dreamt up when you were young. Even if it kills you, it’s not about “making it” anymore, it’s just who you are and what you do. Life or death.”

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