TIMELOST- ‘Don’t Remember Me for This’

This will come as a surprise to some. Timelost is a new project from a couple of self-described metalheads- Shane Handal of post-metallers Set and Setting, and Grzesiek Czapla, the drummer of the officially heavy-as-shit Woe. But ‘Don’t Remember Me for This’, their debut album, is 40 minutes of deep and warm shoegaze-tinged grunge. Maybe it’s just my weird brain hearing minor keys all wrong, but it sounds like the boys in the band, away from their intense day jobs, might even be having fun. Sure, the title track is an ode to things never ever going right, and there’s a smoky, sludgy sound to ‘The River Broke Us’, but there’s always light breaking through the clouds. According to Czapla this is an album inspired by “emotional pain, self-awareness, doubt, depression, and ultimately melting down to nothing” but to me it sounds like soaring, ascending, ultimately like something brand new springing brilliantly to life.

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