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I hope you find something to love. BON IVER– Jelmore BORN GOLD- Lawn Knives BATS- Old Hitler OUT OF BODY– Leaping Faith SIGNALS MIDWEST- Sanctuary City SOMOS- Ammunition PINE- Maladroit GAFFA TAPE SANDY- So Dry WILD PINK- How’s the Tap Here JOYERO– Salt Mine EL TEN ELEVEN- A Watched Pot INFINITY SHRED- Earth TOOL- Faaip de Oiad TENGIL- The New […]

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Among the American metalcore, Mexican noise, British punk, and Spanish screams in the darkness on this month’s playlist, I hope you find something to love. NORMA JEAN- [Mind Over Mind] FRIENDSHIP- Punishment MIND POWER- See Me HESITATION WOUNDS- Paragons of Virtue CLEANUP- Grey Lion EL SHIROTA- Tarde/Temprano CHASTITY- Sun Poisoning NERVUS- Flies MUSKETS- Detention BROKEN FIELD RUNNER- Palm Trees Wave […]

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Summer is here. The season of sun, fun and frolics! Well, not around here apparently. This month’s playlist is marked by heartache, violence, relentless hardcore punk, and death. Not something to dive into during your neighbour’s barbecue then. Still, I hope you find something to love. CAVE IN- Final Transmission BAD BREEDING- Exiled RUSSIAN CIRCLES- Milano PELICAN- Midnight and Mescaline […]

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From time to time I wrestle with giving ModerateRock sharper focus. Should we pivot to post-hardcore or go all-in on modern ambient? But then I hear something new, something I fall so quick and hard in love with, that wouldn’t fall within whatever lines might have to be drawn, and I say focus be damned. If you long for ever […]

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A quiet month in terms of our usual mixtape content but what April lacked in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality- including two sides of Stephen Brodsky, the return of Sainthood Reps, and some staggering UK post-rock. I hope you find something to love. DRONEFLOWER- Space Ghost I CAVE IN- All Illusion SPOTLIGHTS– The Age of Decay […]

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Jesus, what a month. Difficult not to think the world is one big dustball that deserves to get shot into the sun. But then there’s music, there’s always music. I hope you find something to love. Love is important. BARONESS- Borderlines LAGS– Knives and Wounds BRUTUS- Blind IDIOT PILOT- Silver Needle WESTKRUST- Drive NANAMI OZONE- 3 Mile Drive HORSEFLIES- Denial […]

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