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I love this part. The part where that Parannoul album finally gets added to your streaming service of choice. The return of the likes of Lakes and Bossk and, oh man, the part where Trent Reznor is singing again. The part where a member of one of heaviest bands I’ve ever seen writes one of the most quiet and personal […]

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There was lots of things to be excited about this month- the raucous returns of Drug Church and Quicksand, My Bloody Valentine’s sudden appearance on your streaming service of choice, the world returning to some version of normality! But it wouldn’t be the Moderate Rock Mixtape if it didn’t also include some killer downer jams- the last half of this […]

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I hope you find something to love. HOME IS WHERE- ‘Assisted Harakiri’ FRANKIE & HIS FINGERS- ‘Just Because You Are, Doesn’t Mean You Have To’ THE MARTHA’S VINEYARD FERRIES- ‘After You’ FIDDLEHEAD- ‘Million Times’ MAN ON MAN- ‘1983’ ADIOS COMETA- ‘Franco’ ASSERTION- ‘Supervised Suffering’ THE BREEDERS- ‘The Dirt Eaters’ A.A. WILLIAMS- ‘Where Is My Mind?’ LIT. MAJOR- ‘Ghosts’ SLOPING- ‘Treading’ […]

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We’re well into the busiest time of the year for new album releases now. And this month’s playlist reflected that, as it grew from four songs on the first of the month to 26 by the end. There’s Californian punk, post-hardcore from Japan, ambient soundscapes from Kenya, and more. I hope you find something to love. STRANGELIGHT– ‘Digressions from Sierra […]

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