I hope you find something to love. (Me, I love that Smelter song so much. Can’t wait for an album.)

  • SMELTER- ‘In Spades’
  • GLIMMER- ‘Buried’
  • SHELL- ‘D.I.A.D.’
  • BEAN KING- ‘Slouch (ii)’
  • TRUE FAITH- ‘The Means’
  • LOS SAINTS- ‘Faded’
  • FOR CLOSURE- ‘No Condition’
  • ALWAYS OTHER- ‘Clocks’
  • THE FEVER HAZE- ‘Last Night I Killed a Man’
  • SPYWELL- ‘All Around You’
  • JUMPER SEAT- ‘Windshield’
  • LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM- ‘For You It’s Infinite’
  • SHADOW SIDES- ‘We Say Love but We Don’t Mean It’
  • BDRMM- ‘Standard Tuning’
  • QUADE- ‘Of the Source’
  • GEOTIC- ‘The Heart Is Placed Beside Us’
  • QAETT- ‘Traces’
  • KEATON HENSON- ‘Tokyo Laundry’
  • DWELL- ‘Terrestrial Betty’
  • BOSS BATTLE- ‘Failed Radio Transmission’
  • COMMONER- ‘Whateverleftisyours.’
  • DIME- ‘Heavyweight’
  • EARTHTONE9- ‘Oceanic Drift’
  • YEAHRS- ‘It Never Leaves Me’
  • BOSSK- ‘Truth II’

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