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A quiet month, this. Oh, there’s been a ton of bands making waves as always, plenty of new and excellent songs to check out, but for July my playlist in particular was a little more peaceful than usual. It’s worth sliding up your volume to hear Honeyspider’s newest, and heaviest, track, and catch former Fugazi members conjure wonky wonder with […]

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Relentless, right? The bad news. It keeps barreling toward us like a mudslide, no way around it, no way to ignore it. It’ll crush you if you’re not careful, if you don’t keep your head up. So, under advice from a close friend, I’m trying to accentuate the positive. Below is what was on Moderate Rock’s playlist for the month […]

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What a frankly terrifying, disorienting, and odd time to (hopefully) be living through. It feels slightly frivolous to be even be updating here but as the passing of time becomes one long, grey mush, I’ve become more grateful for music than ever before. Instead of feeling utterly lost, it’s been music, this month especially the songs below, that has helped […]

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Strange times. As if the world wasn’t anxious enough of late, now a global pandemic and its cascade of consequences have made things quite literally deadly out there. It might feel a little frivolous to talk about music at a time like this but it’s one of the only things keeping me in one piece. I don’t want another news […]

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New year, new music. And from the continued return of Canadian post-hardcore royalty to German doom-jazz and British drum-and-bass, I hope you find something to love. ALEXISONFIRE- Season of the Flood HOLY FAWN- Candy CASPIAN- Ishmael DESERTA- Save Me GRANITE HANDS- The Machine VASA- Heroics INSECT ARK- Tectonic BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE- Sag mir, wie lang KEEP- Pendulum […]

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From chilling neo-classical to firebreathing hardcore, shimmering indie melodies to whatever Emptyset’s new noise should be properly classified as, I hope you find something to love. KEATON HENSON- Trauma/In Chao STORM(O)- Trema THE WARRIORS- Death Ritual RENOUNCED- Beauty Is a Destructive Angel COLORED MOTH– Cognitive Bliss POST/BOREDOM- Limb Alert GIANTS CHAIR- Dirty Winter NIGHT SWIMMING- Clean QUIET LIONS- Arc of […]

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