My favourite mixtape for a while, this. Big hits, weird noises, riffs, but somehow all flowing together quite well. I hope you find something to love.

  • BROKEN HEAD- ‘Spilled Milk’
  • PAINT- ‘I Don’t Mind’
  • HIGHER POWER- ‘Absolute Bloom’
  • WYNONA BLEACH- ‘Swim in the Bay’
  • OCEAN FLOOR- ‘Jenny’
  • CITY DOG- ‘From the Drain’
  • SNOW HALO- ‘Creases’
  • HOLY GLOAM- ‘Buggin’ to Feel Something’
  • GOLD FRAMES- ‘These Words’
  • CHINA BEARS- ‘Easy Kill’
  • VIRGINS- ‘Softer’
  • GLITTERFOX- ‘La Da Da’
  • MOONPOOLS- ‘Never Mind’
  • WHITE POPPY- ‘Happy’
  • SUNGLACIERS- ‘Cursed’
  • RIVAL CONSOLES- ‘Mouth to Mouth’
  • JONNY FROM SPACE- ‘Dream Reality’
  • GLARING- ‘Everybody Who Lives Here Is Lost’
  • J. ROBBINS- ‘Automaticity’
  • PRIZE HORSE- ‘Know Better’
  • STOCK MANAGER- ‘Hi Mute’
  • WATERTANK- ‘Cut Gum’
  • FLESH TAPE- ‘Catalytic Converter’
  • RINGING- ‘Remember You’
  • MAN OF MOON- ‘You and I’
  • DOPEGHOST- ‘Once Burnt, Twice Shy’

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