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SHINER frontman announces solo album

Shiner frontman Allen Epley will release his debut solo album, ‘Everything’, on January 6th. While not a complete departure from his previous work, ‘Everything’ will see Epley attempting to channel the smooth grooves, soft rock, and lovelorn lyrics that he heard on the radio in his youth. Epley is calling the combination “space country”, which might not mean much until you […]

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Listen to RIP ROOM

Even if you’ve never heard them, this Californian trio might not need an introduction. First of all, Rip Room have steadily grown their profile since forming in 2015, toured hard, and released two EPs already. And second of all, if you don’t recognise the name, you should definitely recognise the sound. Rip Room play stark, smart, arty and energised punk […]

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VAR- ‘The Never-Ending Year’

VAR are going to get some Sigur Ros comparisons. They’ll resist of course- at this point every Icelandic band is probably duty-bound to declare just how different they are than their homeland’s most famous rock export- but the quartet share plenty of similarities beyond a postcode. They also employ icy cool ambience, volcanic crescendos, lush strings, plaintive piano, and sweet […]

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