SHINER frontman announces solo album

Shiner frontman Allen Epley will release his debut solo album, ‘Everything’, on January 6th.

While not a complete departure from his previous work, ‘Everything’ will see Epley attempting to channel the smooth grooves, soft rock, and lovelorn lyrics that he heard on the radio in his youth. Epley is calling the combination “space country”, which might not mean much until you hear the first single from the record, the sunset-toned ‘Thousand Yard Stare’.

Shiner released a comeback album not long ago and Epley’s other band, Life and Times, are also working on new material but the vocalist/guitarist still found the time to play most of the instruments on ‘Everything’ himself. Chris Prescott (Pinback, No Knife), Mike Myers (The Life and Times, The String and Return), Darren Dodd, and Mike Burns also feature, with Burns playing lap steel on almost every song. The record was mixed by Dan Dixon. The record will be released via Spartan Records. And, if ‘Thousand Yard Stare’ is anything to go by, the record will be really rather special.

Cover art and track listing for ‘Everything’ below.

  • ‘Thousand Yard Stare’
  • ‘Evangeline’
  • ‘Spider Rico’
  • ‘The EMT’
  • ‘Everything’
  • ‘Deader Than Dead’
  • ‘All Good Things’
  • ‘I’m The One’
  • ‘The Lucid Dream’

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