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SOUR WIDOWS- ‘Crossing Over’

Sour Widows shouldn’t even be here today. Following the release of the Californian trio’s excellent debut, they should’ve been touring, playing festivals, maybe taking over the world. Like so many things, the band’s plans were permanently altered by the pandemic. Instead of moping though, they’ve taken the opportunity to produce more music. And, while there’s more space, and more subtlety […]

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SOUR WIDOWS- ‘Sour Widows’

This, the debut record from Sour Widows, is a trojan horse. At first it seems polite, pretty, a handful of petals, as if its slow, folksy tones might blow away in a weak breeze. You might be tempted to stick it on as background music when concentrating on something else entirely. But that’s when Sour Widows will emerge. That’s when […]

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