SOUR WIDOWS- ‘Crossing Over’

Sour Widows shouldn’t even be here today. Following the release of the Californian trio’s excellent debut, they should’ve been touring, playing festivals, maybe taking over the world. Like so many things, the band’s plans were permanently altered by the pandemic. Instead of moping though, they’ve taken the opportunity to produce more music. And, while there’s more space, and more subtlety in the four tracks and 20 minutes of ‘Crossing Over’, they have pretty much picked up right where they left off. 

‘Look the Other Way’ slow burns its way to a firework display of guitars, ‘Walk All Day’ is the sparsest song Sour Widows have recorded so far, with the quiet scrapes of fingers on strings replacing the usual sparks of feedback, but still sounds full and complete, and the title track meanders for seven minutes without ever wasting time. 

The band’s ability to put clever hooks in clever places is less prevalent, but that might be on purpose. Hey, maybe it’s not the time for that sort of thing right now. Here they put more emphasis on immersion and atmosphere. And despite all of this being recorded remotely, there’s no sense of disconnection. If anything, Sour Widows feel closer than ever. The world awaits.

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