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To celebrate the release of Marilyn Manson’s new album, ‘Heaven Upside Down’ (spoiler alert, it’s good), Moderate Rock has curated a Spotify playlist of his weirdest and most wonderful songs. It’s not a greatest hits- there are no Sweet Dreams here- and it’s heavy on ‘Holy Wood…’ (His best album. Fight me.) but there’s no denying it’s some of Mr. […]

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MARILYN MANSON- Heaven Upside Down

Marilyn Manson stumbles. If you’ve caught the news coming out of Mr Warner’s comeback tour recently you’ll already know that. But more dangerous than too-high heels or falling stage props are the blunders in Manson’s back catalogue. He has undoubtedly proven himself capable of greatness but for every ‘Antichrist Superstar’ there’s been a ‘The High End of the Low’, for […]

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MARILYN MANSON returns with new album, ‘Born Villain’

Marilyn Manson is back. Whether we get stomping industrial pop and top quality weirdness or clichéd wailing from a weird uncle remains to be seen (heard?) but the cover art and tracklisting for new album ‘Born Villain’ looks a little something like this… ‘Hey Cruel World…’ ‘No Reflection’ ‘Pistol Whipped’ ‘Overneath the Path of Misery’ ‘Slo Mo Tion’ ‘The Gardener’ […]

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