MARILYN MANSON returns with new album, ‘Born Villain’

Marilyn Manson is back. Whether we get stomping industrial pop and top quality weirdness or clichéd wailing from a weird uncle remains to be seen (heard?) but the cover art and tracklisting for new album ‘Born Villain’ looks a little something like this…

‘Hey Cruel World…’
‘No Reflection’
‘Pistol Whipped’
‘Overneath the Path of Misery’
‘Slo Mo Tion’
‘The Gardener’
‘The Flowers of Evil’
‘Children of Cain’
‘Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms’
‘Murders are Getting Prettier Every Day’
‘Born Villain’
‘Breaking the Same Old Ground’

‘Born Villain’ is due out through Cooking Vinyl on April 30th.

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