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I feel like I say it every year, but this year it feels worth saying louder than ever. THESE ARE NOT THE BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR! There’s no way I (or I believe anyone) could write a list that could claim to be correct about that kind of personal, indefinable, impossible thing. There’s been too much music, and not enough […]

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If the last Turnstile album was a small but highly concentrated ball of energy, a hadouken of hardcore, this is the mushroom cloud left over when that energy finally reaches critical mass. This is the audio equivalent of one of those videos showing someone slice open a cone of yarn– what was tightly packed, pops open, what was inside, is […]

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TURNSTILE- ‘Time & Space’

If you thought the news of Turnstile’s leap to a major label was a curveball, you ain’t heard nothing yet. The Baltimore outfit’s second record features lounge jazz licks, rippling blips of R&B, vocals from a former Lauryn Hill backing singer, and “added production” by Diplo of all people. I guess that’s what you can buy with Nickelback money! Now, […]

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