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SPOTLIGHTS- ‘Love & Decay’

Spotlights know magic. Before now, Chino Moreno, Mike Patton, and, yes, even Moderate Rock have all fallen under the spell of husband and wife doomgazers, Sarah and Mario Quintero. Their debut album seemed to come out of nowhere, emerging from a cloud of smoke to celebrity endorsement and rave reviews, and their second record, the stunning Seismic, not only managed […]

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A quiet month in terms of our usual mixtape content but what April lacked in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality- including two sides of Stephen Brodsky, the return of Sainthood Reps, and some staggering UK post-rock. I hope you find something to love. DRONEFLOWER- Space Ghost I CAVE IN- All Illusion SPOTLIGHTS– The Age of Decay […]

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This is perfectly titled. The second record from New York wife-and-husband duo Spotlights is capable of shaking the ground under your feet. From the atmospheric rush of the title track to the soaring space-rock of ‘Hang Us All’ it’s a slow-motion tidal wave of riffs, shoegaze turned all the way up to eleven. It’s not a numbing rumble though, there […]

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