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PRAWN. Bowery District, Reading. 25.06.15

There’s just no clue in that name. It’s so damn unassuming. And the boys in the band look like they’d rather have a friendly chat about the Kinsella family back catalogue than ever really raise their voice. Ok, perhaps it should’ve been a clue when bassist Ryan McKenna asked for “more bass, everywhere” during his sound check but it just […]

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HUNDREDTH. Face Bar, Reading. 23.02.12

Most of Hundredth’s songs are about hope, pushing forward, and moving on. The few that aren’t tend to deal with escaping small towns and the people, practises and attitudes within them. It might seem more like punishment than reward then, to play a show on a gloomy Thursday in Reading. But if the South Carolina outfit feel any twinge of […]

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