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I feel like I say it every year, but this year it feels worth saying louder than ever. THESE ARE NOT THE BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR! There’s no way I (or I believe anyone) could write a list that could claim to be correct about that kind of personal, indefinable, impossible thing. There’s been too much music, and not enough […]

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PILE- ‘Songs Known Together, Alone’

Pile are a rock band. They make rock music. Think Pixies or Polvo or Fugazi. Their last album was a winning combination of off-kilter rhythms, unique, unsettling quiets, and weird, wiry louds. But Pile began life as the solo project of singer-songwriter Rick Maguire. So, when the pandemic locked him and his band members in different places last year, it […]

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PILE- ‘Green and Gray’

‘Green and Gray’ is great. So great. Maybe Pile’s best album to date. So in a way it pains me to report that it’s unlikely to alter their long-held status of The Most Underrated Band Ever. The Boston outfit are something of an acquired taste, see, and their seventh album pretty much picks up where their sixth left off- tight, […]

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