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PELICAN- The Cliff

‘The Cliff’ is not an easy sell. While any new Pelican release is cause for some celebration, this EP is made up of three different versions of a deep cut from the Chicago band’s 2013 album, ‘Forever Becoming’, and a song left off that record due to time constraints. It takes about 20 seconds to realise why it’s worth an […]

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BAPTISTS- Bushcraft

‘Bushcraft’ is alive, it breathes, but only the blackest breaths, and it swells and heaves with sick imagery and sicker sounds. Hissing venom, squealing feedback, the barks of mad dogs and the bellows of madder men all echo through the first full-length from Vancouver quartet Baptists, and the violence threatens to bubble over, flood into your lap at any second. […]

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PELICAN- Ataraxia/Taraxis

That sound you hear? Disappointment. It’s the collective sigh unleashed with the news that the latest Pelican record is only four tracks and 18 minutes of music. After three years since the last album see, people will want more, a lot more. Hell, it used to be that 18 minutes was only enough time for a single gargantuan epic from […]

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