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HALOSAR- ‘New Forge’

Halosar is the collaborative electronic project of multidisciplinary artists and childhood friends James Jano and Cullen Miller. And maybe this, their debut album, could only have been made by two people. Because as much as ‘New Forge’ is reminiscent of solo sonic pioneers like Tim Hecker or Daniel Lopatin, there’s also an audible push and pull to proceedings. ‘Pretzel Summit’ […]

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EERIE GAITS- ‘Holopaw’

That cover art is worth a thousand words. On his second outing as Eerie Gaits, erstwhile Wild Pink frontman John Ross employs babbling brook bass, warm breeze synths, hazy atmosphere, and soft ambience that settles like a mist. If Ross already seemed to revel in the majesty of the wilderness during his day job, these nine instrumental tracks find him […]

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