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Something of a surprise release, this. But the sudden arrival of the sixth Worriedaboutsatan album is not the only revelation. I missed the news that, after almost a decade as a duo, there is now just one Gavin Miller behind the music. The project began as Miller’s alone so we’re not in totally unknown territory here, but the band’s best […]

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I mean, obviously. Always listen to worriedaboutsatan. Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale have been exploring uniquely organic electronica for over a decade now, never really putting a foot wrong, and if you haven’t been listening to them this whole time already, you’ve missed out. This reminder is timely though, as both halves of the Yorkshire outfit have new solo material […]

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Worriedaboutsatan looked like they had run out of steam. Oh, everything they recorded was great, and from post-rock beginnings to IDM-influenced debut album, their evolution was steady and satisfying. But all was not well in the world of Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale. Just as Pitchfork said they had arrived, the Manchester-based duo put their project to bed. And when they […]

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