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WILD CAT STRIKE- ‘Rhubarb Nostalgia’

Like hedgerow flowers laced with hypnotic drugs, Wild Cat Strike might seem innocent enough at a distance but up close, they’ll put you under their spell. The Brighton-based outfit did already mark themselves as ones to listen to with a series of beguiling, slow-burn post-emo singles over the past year, but while ‘Rhubarb Nostalgia’ contains more of that, there’s new […]

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Much like Randy Moss, Wild Cat Strike aren’t afraid to go long. The Brighton-based dudes play with quiet melodies, big crescendos, poetic, gut-punch lyrics, gang vocals and other familiar emo techniques, but unfurl them with post-rock patience. It’s an excellent mix. Extra kudos too for going by the name Mild Cat Strike when they play acoustic shows.

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