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USA NAILS- ‘Character Stop’

USA Nails are wound impossibly tight. The London-based band specialise in high-speed, high-tension blasts of fuck-you punk-rock, and have operated with feverish, dedicated intensity since their inception. That means there’s little room between their buzzsaw riffs and relentless rhythms to take a breath- they were once described as “a speeding train that won’t stop”. And there’s little room in their […]

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USA NAILS- ‘Life Cinema’

I don’t know man. I feel seen here. The fourth album from the very UK-based USA Nails is about the human hamster wheel. My human hamster wheel. This is 12 tracks in 25 minutes, raging at the relentless monotony of commute, clock in, clock out, check social media, sleep and start again. ‘Smile’ is fuzzed-out noise-rock fury, ‘Creative Industries’ turns the refrain […]

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