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SHINER frontman announces solo album

Shiner frontman Allen Epley will release his debut solo album, ‘Everything’, on January 6th. While not a complete departure from his previous work, ‘Everything’ will see Epley attempting to channel the smooth grooves, soft rock, and lovelorn lyrics that he heard on the radio in his youth. Epley is calling the combination “space country”, which might not mean much until you […]

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SHINER- ‘Schadenfreude’

A warm blanket of an album, this. Oh, I’m sure Shiner, newly back in business after a lifetime away, want to inspire a more transcendental reaction, but ‘Schadenfreude’ finds the space rock pioneers slotting everything in its right place with no alarms and few surprises. An old friend record. I don’t even think you need to be all that familiar […]

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