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ALTARAGE- ‘The Approaching Roar’

The statement, “this won’t be for everyone” has rarely, if ever, had a more appropriate use than when talking about the third record from Spanish outfit Altarage. This is acrid, choking smoke made into sound, this is a wall of noise collapsing under its own weight and crushing whatever living thing is closest, this is every dark thought you’ve ever […]

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KEN MODE- ‘Loved’

‘Loved’, a scintillating smoke monster of a record, finds KEN Mode returning to do exactly what they do best. The Canadian trio’s noise rock tendencies might have angled out of control on their last album but this is the kind of acrid, bubbling melting pot of off-kilter hardcore, ugly metal, noise and fury that first brought them to the close […]

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This is the musical equivalent of pouring water on boiling oil. An itchy, fizzy, violent fireball of a record, ‘One Wing’ is bold, belligerent and, you better believe it, beautiful too. And it might just be the best Chariot album yet. It’s barely been two years since this band last recorded new music but as ‘Forget’ squirms into life here, […]

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