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NORMA JEAN- Polar Similar

Norma Jean change. It might be the band’s shifting line-up (there are no original members at work here) or just the unstable nature of the music they play, but since the release of their ferocious debut the Atlanta outfit have never settled on a sound, and, for better or worse, rarely repeated themselves Sometimes that’s a good thing. The airless […]

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NORMA JEAN – Meridional

Norma Jean are always at their best unleashing impulsive primal screams, not concept-heavy brain-busting bluster. That doesn’t have to mean relentless rabid dog rage (although there is some of that here), just that the band’s noisy metal really works when you can feel them thinking on their feet, not thinking every riff or lyric to death. ‘Meridionial’, despite the title […]

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