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Listen to BLEED

Narrow Head’s last album was… a downer. Now though, some erstwhile members of that Texas outfit (alongside others from Garden of Mary) seem ready to write music with a glint in its eye again. As Bleed, they play a familiar, fuzzy kind of post-hardcore but (and this is key) instead of ever sounding like they’re gazing at their shoes, the […]

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NARROW HEAD- ’12th House Rock’

Narrow Head’s debut album, ‘Satisfaction’, was a brilliant, bright, exciting effort that twisted 90s grunge and shoegaze references into something contemporary and cool. ‘12th House Rock’ is… not that. From the opening squall of ‘Yer Song’ it feels like a cloud has come over the Texas outfit. They employ much of the same sonic ingredients as before, but their songs have […]

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NARROW HEAD- Satisfaction

Narrow Head nearly pull off the perfect heist here. ‘Satisfaction’, the Texas trio’s debut full-length borrows from a bunch of great bands. Ok, so maybe borrows isn’t strong enough. This is a record that sounds like it’s been copied, cut, and pasted right out of the 90s. The hazy, hammering riff of ‘Necrosis’ owes much to prime Deftones, ‘Feels Like […]

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