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From time to time I wrestle with giving ModerateRock sharper focus. Should we pivot to post-hardcore or go all-in on modern ambient? But then I hear something new, something I fall so quick and hard in love with, that wouldn’t fall within whatever lines might have to be drawn and I say focus be damned. If you long for more […]

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Jesus, what a month. Difficult not to think the world is one big dustball that deserves to get shot into the sun. But then there’s music, there’s always music. I hope you find something to love. Love is important. BARONESS- BorderlinesLAGS– Knives and WoundsBRUTUS- BlindIDIOT PILOT- Silver NeedleWESTKRUST- DriveNANAMI OZONE- 3 Mile DriveHORSEFLIES- DenialPILE- Bruxist GrinSUGAR HORSE- Your Degree Is […]

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Sure feels like the end of 2018 is screaming up fast huh? Before we truly enter list season and Album of the Year territory though, October was worth stopping and listening out for. From new names to returning legends, from neoclassical gloom to brusing British everythingcore, and three bands with deities in their name, the #moderaterockrecommends playlist features my favourite […]

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Holy crap was there a ton of good music out this month! There’s incredible metal, powerful post-rock, energy-boosting punk, and more than one album of the year contender in here and only half of the excellent releases are represented. I hope you find something to love. PIG DESTROYER- ‘The Last Song’ BOSSE-DE-NAGE- ‘Down Here’ ZAO- ‘Hide from the Light’ SVFFER- […]

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August’s ModerateRockRecommends Spotify playlist is a rollercoaster. Strap in and go from soaring rock to melancholy indie, searing hardcore to ambient soundscapes. I hope you find something to love. THRICE- ‘Only Us’ NOTHING- Blue Line Baby SUN ARCANA- ‘Wonderful’ THE LOVE LANGUAGE- ‘New Amsterdam’ KIDNAPPER BELL- ‘Mouthful of Pennies’ FOXING- ‘Grand Paradise’ STILL CORNERS- ‘The Photograph’ MITSKI- ‘Geyser’ MOSES SUMNEY- […]

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Completely at odds with the scorching summer weather, things got dark and heavy in July’s ModerateRockRecommends Spotify playlist. American gloom, French hardcore, and Irish sludge all helped to lower the tone. There was some light in the darkness though, Strawberry Girls gave tribute to George Michael and that Soft Science track has been on my mind all month. Whatever the […]

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