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December is supposed to be a quiet time for the music industry but this month’s mixtape was the longest in ages. And there’s no hangers-on here either, I love all of them. And if you’re thinking the mix is maybe too long, trust me, the amount of tracks grabbing my attention could be downright inconvenient at times- although I had […]

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I hope you find something to love. WAYS AWAY- ‘Nevermind the Dog’ PILOT TO GUNNER– ‘A Billion Milligrams’ STAND STILL- ‘Loose Ends’ HEAVY SLEEPER- ‘Drain’ JUPITER HEARTS- ‘We Know’ NO DEVOTION– ‘Starlings’ HEALING POTPOURRI- ‘Fireworks’ THE ALBUM LEAF- ‘MD2’ A VOID- ‘5102’ MODERN RITUALS- ‘Wastrel’ DINO GALA- ‘British’ HER HEAD’S ON FIRE- ‘Rising Tide’ CALM COLLAPSE– ‘Positive Greed’ TWIN DRUGS- […]

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A quiet month, this. Oh, there’s been a ton of bands making waves as always, plenty of new and excellent songs to check out, but for July my playlist in particular was a little more peaceful than usual. It’s worth sliding up your volume to hear Honeyspider’s newest, and heaviest, track, and catch former Fugazi members conjure wonky wonder with […]

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