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December is supposed to be a quiet time for the music industry but this month’s mixtape was the longest in ages. And there’s no hangers-on here either, I love all of them. And if you’re thinking the mix is maybe too long, trust me, the amount of tracks grabbing my attention could be downright inconvenient at times- although I had […]

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I hope you find something to love. WAYS AWAY- ‘Nevermind the Dog’ PILOT TO GUNNER– ‘A Billion Milligrams’ STAND STILL- ‘Loose Ends’ HEAVY SLEEPER- ‘Drain’ JUPITER HEARTS- ‘We Know’ NO DEVOTION– ‘Starlings’ HEALING POTPOURRI- ‘Fireworks’ THE ALBUM LEAF- ‘MD2’ A VOID- ‘5102’ MODERN RITUALS- ‘Wastrel’ DINO GALA- ‘British’ HER HEAD’S ON FIRE- ‘Rising Tide’ CALM COLLAPSE– ‘Positive Greed’ TWIN DRUGS- […]

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I hope you find something to love TIME- ‘In Your Head’ BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE- ‘Sentimental Education’ ANTHONY GREEN- ‘Don’t Dance’ BETWEEN BODIES- ‘On a Grave’ TRY THE PIE- ‘3 Swords’ SOFTCULT– ‘Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle’ YOUNG FATHERS- ‘Geronimo’ ROCKY VOTOLATO– ‘Evergreen’ WORRIEDABOUTSATAN- ‘Say No to Yes’ STAY INSIDE- ‘Dissolve’ MASCARA- ‘Eleven the Fair’ THE DARLING […]

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I think Ronan Keating said it best. Life, among many other things, is a rollercoaster. Ups and downs, right? Well, I know everyone’s going through it at the minute but for the last six weeks or so, for me, life has been mostly downs. It’s been like one of those less enjoyable rides. The ones that shake your head and […]

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I hope you find something to love. 84 TIGERS– ‘Great Basin’ HIGHER POWER- ‘Fall from Grace’ OMNI OF HALOS– ‘You Suck’ NIGHT COURT- ‘Brighten the Corner’ GENTLE HEAT- ‘Total Orbit’ WHITE FLOWERS- ‘This Is Not’ BLUE SUN- ‘Fall Again’ SUPERMILK- ‘Sense’ NOAH DEEMER- ‘The Sleepwalker’ THE SMILE- ‘Open the Floodgates’ FES- ‘Chew’ JEAN JEAN- ‘Prey Trigger’ I FEEL FINE- ‘Million’ […]

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This month’s mixtape was made of punk rock from San Francisco and punk rock from Milan, of Swedish shoegaze and Scottish post-rock, of brand new music and discoveries of older music. I hope you find something to love. RIP ROOM– ‘Worth Repeating’ DAMEFRISOR- ‘Do You Think I’m Special?’ THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES- ‘Camera Shy’ HERBERT POWELL- ‘Velcro Dinner’ SPICE- ‘Any […]

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