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Jenny Besetzt have songs. Their last album, 2016’s ‘Tender Madness’, is a hazy melting pot of shoegaze, chunky grunge, and wiry post-punk but they aren’t nostalgia hacks and never hide behind drama or distortion, they craft tunes that follow you around and stay in your head. Bonus: They sound even better in the summer sun.  

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Something happened to the members of Ravens & Chimes. You can tell from the sounds of melancholy and lyrics of longing and loss in the New York outfit’s music. But then something else happened to them, because despite the consistent quality across both of their albums, they haven’t been heard from in years. Fans of Brand New, Sufjan Stevens, and […]

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Listen to NILE ON WAX

This, from prolific violin virtuoso¬†Catherine Graindorge, is intriguing. The first release under their¬†Nile on Wax moniker (Graindorge and her two bandmates used to be NOX) is occasionally too jazzy for its own good but otherwise strikes a creepy, compelling tone. It’s not at all surprising to find out that they’ve also completed some movie soundtrack work.

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