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I feel like I say it every year, but this year it feels worth saying louder than ever. THESE ARE NOT THE BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR! There’s no way I (or I believe anyone) could write a list that could claim to be correct about that kind of personal, indefinable, impossible thing. There’s been too much music, and not enough […]

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LINGUA IGNOTA- ‘Sinner Get Ready’

No one is ready for this. Not us sinners, not anyone else. Those who fell under the spell of Lingua Ignota’s previous album might recognise small parts of ‘SINNER GET READY’, but even they’re not really ready. Because while there’s some sonic connective tissue to what came before- Kristin Hayter’s powerful voice remains up close and in sharp focus. And there’s […]

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Kristin Hayter has already made her statement. With her 2017 self-released debut, the one-woman powerhouse behind Lingua Ignota parlayed her church choir roots and classical vocal training into a monolith of monstrous noise. A year later and the excellently-titled ‘All Bitches Die’ might have needed a rerelease on Profound Lore to get the attention it deserved but it was a […]

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