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Jesus, what a month. Difficult not to think the world is one big dustball that deserves to get shot into the sun. But then there’s music, there’s always music. I hope you find something to love. Love is important. BARONESS- Borderlines LAGS– Knives and Wounds BRUTUS- Blind IDIOT PILOT- Silver Needle WESTKRUST- Drive NANAMI OZONE- 3 Mile Drive HORSEFLIES- Denial […]

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LAGS- ‘Soon’

Lags work hard. The Italian outfit have spent the three years since their last album trimming the fat from their already brawny sound. As a result, ‘Soon’ sounds like it was made by men with calloused hands and stiff upper lips and the best intentions. There’s a satisfying focus on power and drive, Antonio Canestri’s clear, strong (of course) yowl, […]

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