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I hope you find something to love. BON IVER– Jelmore BORN GOLD- Lawn Knives BATS- Old Hitler OUT OF BODY– Leaping Faith SIGNALS MIDWEST- Sanctuary City SOMOS- Ammunition PINE- Maladroit GAFFA TAPE SANDY- So Dry WILD PINK- How’s the Tap Here JOYERO– Salt Mine EL TEN ELEVEN- A Watched Pot INFINITY SHRED- Earth TOOL- Faaip de Oiad TENGIL- The New […]

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Listen to JOYERO

Even if you’re not familiar with Andy Stack’s name, there’s a chance you’ll know his work. He has spent the last decade as one half of indie-folk duo Wye Oak, toured with members of The National, performed with Lambchop and Shearwater and more, and composed music for film and television. Now though, he has struck out on his own as […]

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