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PALMS- Palms

It feels almost sacrilegious to say, but this, the combined effort of members of Deftones and Isis is… fine. Sure, some three minutes into opener ‘Future Warrior’, as Chino Moreno applies his unique croon to the post-rock rumble of bassist Jeff Caxide, drummer Aaron Harris, and guitarist Cliff Meyer, you get a taste of what might have been. But ultimately, […]

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This is space rock. A message from the gods. A map of the mind. No, not a map, an invitation. Old Man Gloom, the musical council made up of members of Cave In, Converge and Isis, have reconvened after eight years of silence to stretch music, pull sound, and shape something new. None of the band’s signature moves are missing […]

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DEFTONES and ex-ISIS members unite in PALMS

Expectations will never be met. Surely it’s impossible. But, for now, get psyched. Deftones frontman Chino Moreno and Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide, all formerly of Isis, have formed Palms. “Clifford, Jeff and I started Palms a little over a year ago out of a desire to continue making music together after ISIS ended,” explained Harris. “Chino joined […]

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