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HAMMOCK- ‘Silencia’

The trilogy is complete. For anyone that missed the first parts- after a painful, life-changing event, Hammock set about composing music to help cope and process. And while the resulting records don’t quite sync up with the recognised stages of grief, after the heartache of 2017’s ‘Mysterium’, and the sense of mending and cautious hope on ‘Universalis’, the Nashville-based duo […]

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HAMMOCK- ‘Universalis’

While Hammock’s last album was born from tragedy and cast in shadow, ‘Universalis’ is about survival, recovery and hope. It looks towards the light. Andrew Thompson and Marc Byrd continue to employ the neoclassical sound they’ve so brilliantly evolved over the last few years so some of this is a little sombre by default but strings now seem to soar instead of swirl, […]

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HAMMOCK- ‘Mysterium’

Hammock are consistent- since 2005 the Nashville duo have released ten albums, a handful of EPs, and a movie soundtrack- but they’ve never been consistently great. ‘Mysterium’ though, excellent throughout, instantly ranks as one of the best, most blissful things they’ve ever done. Maybe blissful is not the right word- this is a record born from the death of a […]

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