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GRAYWAVE- ‘Rebirth’

Jess Webberley has a gift. As the brains (and everything else besides) behind Graywave they have, pretty much since their very first single even, proven adept at adding ambience, establishing tone, and building an atmosphere. Ok, so not all of their songs will stick in your memory, but they’ll certainly linger in your feelings. Last year’s ‘Planetary Shift’ was perhaps […]

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GRAYWAVE- ‘Planetary Shift’

Jess Webberley is going places. Maybe even to the stars. Because, as Graywave, they have single-handedly conjured up an EP of cosmic dreampop that’s both strikingly immediate and exploding with potential. There were hints of such quality on a handful of singles released since the project began in 2019, but from the very first drum beat here it feels like […]

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