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THRICE. Forum, London. 25.08.16

The last time Thrice were here they were going away forever. Or at least for a very long time. The dreaded word ‘hiatus’ was fresh in the air and when the band waved goodbye to a packed Forum in 2012 they seemed to mean it, there was no longing in their eyes, only resolution, almost relief. Which only makes it […]

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THRICE. Forum, London. 30.04.12

This is a big day. That’s clear before the Forum doors even open tonight. There are people in the queue from as far afield as Portugal, Poland, and… er, Putney, and they’re swapping stories about a band that changed their lives. Over the past decade see, Thrice have gone from skate-punk upstarts to a leading light in their scene, scratch […]

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GLASSJAW. Forum, London. 30.03.11

A Glassjaw gig isn’t the event it once was. Sure, it’s been almost four years since the band played a headline show on UK soil and there are still plenty of people who have yet to see them live and in the flesh but as they amble on stage tonight, looking just a little bored, they feel less like cult […]

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