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EMPTYSET- ‘Blossoms’

Emptyset are on a mission. For over a decade the duo, otherwise known as James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas, have studied the creation, concept, and consumption of electronic music, and pioneered innovation in their genre. Previously, the pair have built installations for Tate Britain, played live in a nuclear bunker, and projected their songs into space just to record what happened next. […]

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From chilling neo-classical to firebreathing hardcore, shimmering indie melodies to whatever Emptyset’s new noise should be properly classified as, I hope you find something to love. KEATON HENSON- Trauma/In Chao STORM(O)- Trema THE WARRIORS- Death Ritual RENOUNCED- Beauty Is a Destructive Angel COLORED MOTH– Cognitive Bliss POST/BOREDOM- Limb Alert GIANTS CHAIR- Dirty Winter NIGHT SWIMMING- Clean QUIET LIONS- Arc of […]

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