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EMPTYSET- ‘Blossoms’

Emptyset are on a mission. For over a decade the duo- otherwise known as James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas- have studied the creation, concept, and consumption of electronic music, and pioneered innovation in their genre. Previously, the pair have built installations for Tate Britain, played live in a nuclear bunker, and projected their songs into space just to record what happened next. […]

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From chilling neo-classical to firebreathing hardcore, shimmering indie melodies to whatever Emptyset’s new noise should be properly classified as, I hope you find something to love. KEATON HENSON- Trauma/In Chao STORM(O)- Trema THE WARRIORS- Death Ritual RENOUNCED- Beauty Is a Destructive Angel COLORED MOTH– Cognitive Bliss POST/BOREDOM- Limb Alert GIANTS CHAIR- Dirty Winter NIGHT SWIMMING- Clean QUIET LIONS- Arc of […]

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