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EASY PREY- ‘Relentless Struggle’

Easy Prey’s last album was angry. Now, little has happened in the intervening years to provide anyone much solace, but somehow the Texas quartet’s new record sounds even more intense. There’s shrill feedback and a furious, falling-apart kind of riffing here, a frankly ridiculous bass rumble, and a frontman who sounds like he’s literally screaming for help, or for change, […]

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There was lots going on in April’s Spotify playlist– US hardcore, Canadian punk, Swedish screaming, and British bleeps and bloops. Every note floats my boat and it was all arranged to ebb and flow like a proper mixtape but does the wide variety seem a little schizophrenic? Does it limit the playlist’s appeal? Is all this only for me? Not […]

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EASY PREY- ‘Teeth’

‘Teeth’, the debut effort from Texas four-piece Easy Prey, is a record you would cross the street to avoid. It’s a lurching, lumbering, bastard of a thing that seems like it might spit out blood as quickly as riffs. The opening title track sounds like a rust-bucket deathtrap revving into life before thrashing itself apart, ‘Weak Knees’ is a battering […]

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