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Jesus, what a month. Difficult not to think the world is one big dustball that deserves to get shot into the sun. But then there’s music, there’s always music. I hope you find something to love. Love is important. BARONESS- Borderlines LAGS– Knives and Wounds BRUTUS- Blind IDIOT PILOT- Silver Needle WESTKRUST- Drive NANAMI OZONE- 3 Mile Drive HORSEFLIES- Denial […]

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DEGRAEY- ‘Reveries’

Degraey’s last album was fine– the Barcelona quartet navigating their mostly-instrumental post-metal with a steady if unspectacular hand- but ‘Reveries’ is something else. The track lengths (almost 60 minutes divided almost equally into six tracks) and dynamics (slow-build big-bang) might suggest continued reliance on a formula but the band are working off their own blueprints now. ‘Nurture’ is packed with […]

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